gritsThis website is devoted to grits and is a celebration of true Southern Cooking. If you’re a true Southern cook you already have a container of bacon grease on your stove. Git it ready – you’ll need it to get started along with sweet iced tea, several iron skillets, lots o’ gravy (‘specially Red Eye) and hot Crisco for frying. You should also know some awesome grits recipes! Grits, similar to polenta, are served up with cheese, onion, and garlic. Grits are great with shrimp, sausage, or just plain with butter. In Tennessee and at Waffle House’s around the Southeast, grits are “king” and blueberry muffins “queen.”

From the Grits KitchenGrits Recipes

Now, let’s go fry up a grit! Check out our grits recipes. Our most popular recipe is how to make a pitcher of southern sweet iced tea. Additionally, some of our visitors have written us amazing original grits poems. You can send us one too.

One thing you need to know before cookin’…when we say mayo in the South we really mean Miracle Whip Salad Dressin’. Southerners with money believe Hellmann’s Mayonnaise is the only mayonnaise .. let’s not burst their bubble! A real Southern cook uses Miracle Whip. We do get messages sometimes from people who disagree with our view of true southern cooking, but our opinions haven’t been swayed. However, feel free to send us a message if you’d like to try.

What are grits? To say it simply, crushed corn. Grits are small broken grains of corn that are often mashed apart by stone mills. There are hundreds of farms that grow corn and dry it out, and then grind the corn into grits and cornmeal (the finer ground corn).

Do you produce grits on your farm and want to sell them on the #1 grits site online? Contact us and maybe we can work somethin’ out.

Grits are Yummy!